Literary Brussels / Bruselas literaria

Bruselas, esta increible ciudad, que muchos describen como « insipida », « aburrida », « caotica », « triste, Gris y humeda » ha sido , y es, un punto de cruce multicultural y por ello un punto de cruce literario.
Es por ello que Ezelstad ha creado un mapa literario interactivo de Bruselas basado en la informacion de dos libros : « Sur les pas des écrivains à Bruxelles », Goffin, 2012 y « Bruxelles vue par les grands écrivains »,Lebouc,2011.

Pueden visitar el mapa aqui ( Francés)

Literary Brussels 


Anthropology in the digital worlds

Y for Yenndetta

A few months ago, BBC did a news series on AI and robotics. Part of the series was a list of jobs ranked according to their ‘automation risks’, on the basis of a paper by two Oxford researchers titled The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to automation. Social and humanities scientists (ranked 279th of 366) and higher education teaching professionals (327th of 366), the jobs to which I related most closely among others on the list, were both in the ‘quite unlikely’ category with a very small risk of being replaced by robots (10% and 3% respectively). Er … a sigh of relief?

In this context, I would imagine that anthropology would be one of the last disciplines to be affected by technology. I believe I am not the only one with such a perception, and I suspect the perception has something to do with the…

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